What is Harmonic Oasis?

Everything in life is vibrating.  From the molecules in a drop of water, to the rotation of the planets around the sun, to the laugh of a baby, all experience exists within an overall spectrum of vibration.  Harmonic Oasis is primarily a state of being … a frequency of life energy.  Most of us express ourselves into our worlds is through the use of our voices.  The human voice has evolved to inform the world around us what is going on within our consciousness.  At Harmonic Oasis, we experience our voices as both expressive tools and windows into our energetic beings.  Through various vocal exercises and energy freeing techniques, we explore and expand our relationships with our voices, and in the process move more fully into greater connection with our total selves.  For singers this translates into a healthy, free, integrated feeling that can dramatically increase range and build self-confidence.  So what we are doing here is creating for ourselves an oasis of sorts at the core of our being … a still place from which we can express ourselves at our highest potential.

The Studio

Harmonic Oasis Studio is located in the beautiful Lincoln Park area of West Seattle. Whether you are choosing to expand your relationship with your voice or experience the various energy modalities I use in Life Transition Coaching, the peaceful environment of this place will welcome you on your journey.

7060 Lincoln Park Way SW
Suite 402
Seattle, Washington 98136



meet-scott-farrell-imgMeet Scott Farrell

Learn more about Scott and the inspiration behind Harmonic Oasis.

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I've worked with Scott for the last 15 years. His traditional voice techniques coupled with EFT and other alternative approaches have supported my growth in all areas of my life. Scott's encouragement and intuition has helped me to grow as a singer and performer while allowing me to realize my potential beyond what I thought was possible.  I treasure Scott as both a friend and a mentor.

— Allison Swarner