Scott Farrell

It is my honor and delight to bring a lifetime of training and experience to our time together.

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Scott Farrell

Founder, Harmonic Oasis

I believe that we all have within us everything we need to be fully realized, powerful beings in our worlds. We all have unique life experiences, and my path has been one that has taken me around the world, performing as a featured singer and master of ceremonies in theatres, nightclubs and cruise ships from New York to Amsterdam to Bermuda and scores of other destinations. For 18 years I was the music director for the largest producer of staged revue shows the world, and have served as artistic and music director for various community choral groups, as well as a faculty member at the Evergreen State College.

Over the  years I have taught and taken classes, courses, and workshops related to spirit and music. For the past 15 years I've been a voice teacher at the college and private studio level, working with students of all ages and experience levels. During this period, I began to see changes happening with people as they began to realize their potential as singers. I heard over and over again how beneficial the experience of taking voice was for them on many different personal levels. Having had a profound personal spiritual awakening at the age of 24, which opened me to different levels of perceptual awareness, I knew that something deep was happening here.

Studying the voice from a energetic perspective, I have become proficient in the use of toning, chanting, sound healing, tuning forks (Acutonics), Reiki, emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting that have helped clients get over long-rooted habit patterns, resulting in an increased quality of life.

I have known Scott for more than three years and what he has taught me goes well beyond learning to sing and to use my voice effectively.  Among the myriad of big and little things he taught me: he showed me that singing is a gift you can away; how to be confident in front of people; and how to be grounded in any situation.

Scott has compassion and an intuitive sense of what each student needs. I attribute my success in my business to the lessons Scott taught me through the medium of singing.

— Taryn Kama