Jocelyn-O'KeefeWhen it comes to working with the voice, Scott knows everything. Throughout my time with him, I grew exponentially, not just in voice technique, but in developing myself as an artist. His healing approach allowed me to experience self transformation in its greatest form. I still to this day consider him not only one of the best voice teachers I've ever had the privilege to work with but one of the best human healers. His knowledge and understanding of what the human voice is capable of (singing, speaking, but most importantly, communicating) was and still is beneficial to me as a young professional.

Jocelyn O’Keefe 

Dalten-NelsonEvery Monday night, I looked forward to working with Scott. The time he spent with me was never simply a voice lesson, it was a culmination of vocal exercises, breathing, and always looking at life with a positive mindset. I always felt comfortable enough to share my concerns or problems with him, to which he always had a comforting, positive, and intuitive response. I am convinced that my voice has improved leaps and bounds with Scott. But more importantly, I know I have become a more open minded and positive person because of our lessons together. Working with Scott WILL change your life for the better!

Dalten Nelson 

Ken-SwarnerScott Farrell is not just a voice teacher, he is a life coach.  To open my range, Scott has worked to open my heart and mind.  With kindness, nonjudgement and patience, Scott guides his students through the processes of discovery. I could never have gone the places I have without Scott helping me to release in harmony all aspects of my life.

Ken Swarner 

Allison-SwarnerI've worked with Scott for the last 15 years. His traditional voice techniques coupled with EFT and other alternative approaches have supported my growth in all areas of my life. Scott's encouragement and intuition has helped me to grow as a singer and performer while allowing me to realize my potential beyond what I thought was possible.  I treasure Scott as both a friend and a mentor.

Allison Swarner 

Lisa-MillerIt's funny telling people I take voice lessons cause I never used to sing in front of people. Developing my voice is less about technique and more about Scott's gift as a healer. He is intuitive, gentle and very encouraging. The road to my first recital song was really about belief work. Each week obstacles were identified and cleared, using a variety of skillful techniques including EFT. Of course that translates into all aspects of my life. It's important to me to keep developing voice. Scott is a treasure.

Lisa Miller 

Maari-ReedI am lucky enough to have worked with Scott for over 12 years.  He has always provided a motivational and comfortable environment for me to develop my own personal growth. I have evolved into the person I am today because Scott has been there to encourage me into stepping outside of my comfort zone and into who I want to be.  Thank you Scott!

Maari Reed 

Taryn-KamaI have known Scott for more than three years and what he has taught me goes well beyond learning to sing and to use my voice effectively.  Among the myriad of big and little things he taught me: he showed me that singing is a gift you can give away; how to be confident in front of people; and how to be grounded in any situation.

Scott has compassion and an intuitive sense of what each student needs. I attribute my success in my business to the lessons Scott taught me through the medium of singing.

Taryn Kama Owner of Go Get it Gal

Elliot-WeeksMy time with Scott Farrell is very special to me. He helped me to grow not only as a musician, but as a person as well. Scott’s lessons included emotional analysis, career planning, performance tips, and some very good conversation to boot. I always felt more centered and focused leaving his studio than I had been when I entered. I know I can always bend his ear when I need advice, help, or words of encouragement. Scott helped me find my ability, my passion, and my courage. For that I will always be eternally grateful.

Elliot Weeks Professional singer

Sam-TannerScott Farrell helped me at multiple points in my life. Spiritually, he helped me realize that you don't have to be religious to have a connection with aspects of life beyond the physical level. With presenting myself, Scott taught me how to project my voice and hold my body confidently, skills that I didn't realize how important they were until I reflected on the changes I had made. Lastly, Scott was a great friend to me, he was understanding when I was struggling and joyous and supportive when I felt like I was on top of the world.

Samuel Tanner 

Amanda-CopelandI took vocal lessons from Scott for four years and realize now how much our weekly visits impacted my life. Aside from coaching me on how to expand the quality of my voice, Scott taught me that patience and self-confidence are the key factors to leading a successful life. Growing up as the youngest child, I always felt in the shadows and was very timid in everything I did. Now that I've gone off to college, I notice my self-confidence continually growing as I try new things that normally I'd be too shy to try. Working with Scott also helped improve my auditions. I've always been terrified of the process and never jumped at the opportunity to speak or perform in front of a large crowd. My ability to audition has blossomed immensely due to the approaches and methods Scott has taught me. After years of practice, I am now able to carry myself like a mature and positive young lady and can easily hide those nerves I'm feeling. Without Scott in my life, I think I would still be hiding behind everyone else. That's why I love music so much; I was shown how to express my emotions through it that it is okay to try. If I didn't try, I would never be able to succeed, and I have Scott to thank for that.

Amanda Copeland 
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