Arne-PhillipsI worked with Scott Farrell for over five years and grew tremendously over that time. Not only did he help grow my vocal control and performance ability but also helped coach my attitude and presence in preparation for those situations. The process helped transform my voice into a part of my personality rather than a tool I simply use to communicate. After my time with Scott I’m a more confident individual when addressing large groups of people, which I do on a daily basis. With how much use my voice gets we also spent time on recovery plans and tactics for the work week that helped me create a routine to keep my voice healthy and alive.

Arne Philips 

Jessie-CubberlyMy vocal lessons with Scott were as therapeutic as they were skill building. While I went to him to prepare for musical auditions and shows, I learned from Scott about breath and poise—and learned to address the insecurities which had rooted themselves in my muscles. Suddenly this work became far more important to me than mere audition preparation. Scott’s infinite gentleness and encouragement helped me find confidence and calm in all parts of my life.

Jessie Cubberly 

I started voice lessons with the intention of learning to sing, that was slightly over 10 years ago. What I didn't anticipate was through learning to sing I would discover so much about myself. Recently I have used EFT techniques to help in my professional endeavors to assist in preparing for presentations to clients. Scott has always provided a safe environment for self expression and is gifted at bringing out the best in his students. I've studied music for over 45 years and until working with Scott I had never had the confidence to let go and truly express myself.

Kathy Taylor Reed 
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